Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Around The Blogs"

When newspaper columnists want to take a day off they write a "notes column" -- a pseudonym for throwing together a bunch of random thoughts rather than thinking through an entire column. Bloggers tend to put an "around the blogs" or similarly named post up on their site. Granted, bloggers have no expectation of fully hashing out ideas they mention in the first place -- so I'm not sure it's technically cheating -- but I still find it somewhat amusing. Anyway, I have a lot of tabs open to interesting blog posts, and not a lot of time. So . . . around the blogs we go.

-Robert Pondiscio reports on a study that finds increasing "executive function" (which he defines as "the ability to resist distraction and focus") also boosts achievement. It makes sense to me. I've previously mentioned that I think self-control is underrated.

-Chad Lykins likes my Blog Posts In Need of Improvement Segment. He rightfully takes D-Ed Reckoning to task for a lack of modesty in the initial installment of his "The Awful State of Education Blogging" segment. Hey, they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

-NPR has an interesting blurb (with a corresponding audio clip) about a peer review system in Toledo that, though not perfect, sounds better than the current way of evaluating teachers (hat tip: Alexander Russo).

-TMAO has a looonnnggg list of thoughts about his recent resignation from teaching and some of what led to his decision.

I'll stop there. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't someone else already do a daily segment called "around the blogs"?

Corey Bunje Bower said...

yeah, that's why I put it in quotes