Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Feature: Sunday Commentary

Today marks the roll-out of a new feature -- the Sunday Commentary. The first commentary will appear shortly and will be written by me. In the future, I hope that I will share authoring duties with others who have insights into the worlds of education and policy.

In other words, I am soliciting contributions from outsiders -- possibly even from you. Yes, not all thoughts on education policy will be my own in the future. I'll still do most of the day-to-day blogging on the latest news and whatever pops into my head, but I hope that others can help me lift the dialogue to a new level.

Here are the rules:
Sunday Commentary will feature pieces that are a little more in-depth and polished than what normally appears here (in other words, I'll proofread before I post). Sticking with the theme (and title) of the blog, pieces will only appear if I deem them thoughtful -- just because they are commentary on an issue does not mean they need to sink to inflammatory or overly one-sided rhetoric. Some pieces will take a firm position while others will simply explore a number of options, but all will do so in a manner befitting polite discussion.

I welcome submissions from all who are involved in or knowledgeable about education policy and have some thoughts to share with the rest of us. I envision that most will run the equivalent of about 1-2 pages in a word processor -- enough to explore an issue in some detail without turning into a novel. I'm not big on word counts, but I'd say in the range of 500-1,500 would be a good. Feel free to e-mail submissions (or ideas for submissions) to me -- and please encourage anybody from whom you'd like to hear to submit a commentary. And, yes, I'll consider publishing contributions under a pseudonym or anonymously -- as long as you have a reason and it's made clear if there's a conflict of interest.

Update: You can read all of the past Sunday Commentaries by clicking here

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