Monday, February 7, 2011

New Feature: Education Roundtables

Starting this morning, I'm going to introduce a new feature on this blog: education roundtables.  The basic premise is that I'm going to collaborate with various people I know from around the world who are working in education.  One of us will post a discussion starter at the start of the week and, as time allows, others will post responses that build on the previous post.  The goal is to foster critical discussion amongst ourselves and push each other to think through things in new and deeper ways.  I hope that readers from the web will enjoy the conversation.

For now, many of the collaborators will be using pseudonyms.  As self-appointed moderator, I'll do my best to avoid allowing people who represent a specific interest from advocating for the interest anonymously.  If there are background or contextual factors that you should be aware of about the person writing one week, I'll try to make sure they get included.  If you need more information about somebody, feel free to post a comment or e-mail me.

For now, the schedule will be to post the previous week's discussion each Monday morning.  I'll to stick to that for at least this first month, and then we'll re-evaluate.

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