Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top 50 Endowments Per Pupil

I'm sure I missed a couple schools (I'm human, I didn't include public schools, and there may be some ultra-small schools I missed), but these are all the schools I could find who are able to spend at least $10K per student per year (assuming a 5% endowment spending rate) while glancing through the rankings and endowment data.

1Princeton$17,109,5087,802$2,192,964$109,648Res 1
2Yale$19,374,00011,701$1,655,756$82,788Res 3
3Harvard$31,728,08019,627$1,616,553$80,828Res 1
4Pomona$1,700,4541,560$1,090,035$54,502LAC 4
5Swarthmore$1,508,4831,524$989,818$49,491LAC 3
6MIT$9,712,62810,566$919,234$45,962Res 5
7Amherst$1,641,5111,795$914,491$45,725LAC 2
8Grinnell$1,500,2191,655$906,477$45,324LAC 19
9Williams$1,784,3052,083$856,603$42,830LAC 1
10Stanford$16,502,60619,535$844,771$42,239Res 5
11CIT$1,772,3692,175$814,882$40,744Res 5
12Rice$4,451,4525,879$757,178$37,859Res 17
13Cooper Union$607,135910$667,181$33,359RCN 2
14Wellesley$1,499,8722,411$622,095$31,105LAC 6
15Berea$978,7351,613$606,779$30,339LAC 27
16Washington &Lee$1,218,1322,173$560,576$28,029LAC 12
17Dartmouth$3,413,4066,141$555,839$27,792Res 11
18Notre Dame$6,259,59811,992$521,981$26,099Res 19
19Richmond$1,877,1933,618$518,848$25,942LAC 27
20Chicago$6,575,12612,781$514,445$25,722Res 5
21Bowdoin$904,2151,762$513,175$25,659LAC 6
22Smith$1,429,5273,113$459,212$22,961LAC 19
23Claremont McKenna$543,2361,278$425,067$21,253LAC 9
24Emory$5,400,36713,381$403,585$20,179Res 20
25Trinity (TX)$962,8292,417$398,357$19,918RUW 1
26Duke$5,747,37714,983$383,593$19,180Res 10
27Bryn Mawr$671,1031,755$382,395$19,120LAC 25
28Wash U$5,280,14313,820$382,065$19,103Res 14
29Northwestern$7,182,74519,389$370,455$18,523Res 12
30Berry$752,5442,087$360,586$18,029LAC 121
31Middlebury$907,6682,532$358,479$17,924LAC 5
32Hamilton$657,5291,861$353,320$17,666LAC 17
33Columbia$7,789,57822,283$349,575$17,479Res 4
34Haverford$402,7301,177$342,167$17,108LAC 10
35Colby$611,4411,825$335,036$16,752LAC 21
36Vassar$814,1302,446$332,841$16,642LAC 14
37Penn$6,582,02919,842$331,722$16,586Res 5
38Carleton$653,4652,020$323,498$16,175LAC 6
39Macalester$654,4652,033$321,921$16,096LAC 25
40Harvey Mudd$243,125773$314,521$15,726LAC 18
41Davidson$509,5831,742$292,528$14,626LAC 11
42Denison$654,5842,275$287,729$14,386LAC 49
43Brown$2,496,9268,695$287,168$14,358Res 15
44Lafayette$658,1462,414$272,637$13,632LAC 40
45Vanderbilt$3,414,51412,714$268,563$13,428Res 17
46Mount Holyoke$602,4812,345$256,922$12,846LAC 29
47Cornell$5,059,40620,939$241,626$12,081Res 15
48Colgate$693,4362,903$238,869$11,943LAC 21
49Oberlin$699,8952,974$235,338$11,767LAC 24
50Holy Cross$606,0742,899$209,063$10,453LAC 29

There seem to be four tiers here:

1.) Three schools can spend over $80,000 per student in a given year
2.) Eight schools can spend between $40K and $55K per student
3.) 13 schools can spend between $20K and $40K per student
4.) 26 schools can spend between $10K and $20K per student

I was curious whether national research universities or liberal arts colleges had more resources per student but, outside the top three, they're pretty evenly mixed.

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Anonymous said...

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a public institution.

Duke University's figures deserve a footnote. There is the Duke University Endowment and the Duke Endowment, which is a separate foundation like the Ford Foundation. However, to add to the confusion, the charter of the Foundation requires that certain percentages of the income be given to Duke University, Davidson College, Furman University, and Smith College.

There are a number of public institutions which have endowments greater than $1 billion which you probably should include.