Monday, January 26, 2009

A Sad Day in the Education Blogosphere

I've said many times that I consider Eduwonkette to be the best education blog around, and I'm not the only one: Jennifer Jennings' creation had the highest Technorati rating among ed policy blogs. People who know me know that effusive praise doesn't often come out of my mouth, but I could gush all day about her blog. That's why I'm deeply saddened that she's decided to hang up her cape.

I'm often dismayed at the careless and inflammatory rhetoric I read around the blogosphere, and I could always turn to Eduwonkette for a breath of fresh air -- not to mention some insight and wit. I hope this blog can live up to the standard she set.

Before people move on with their lives full of inferior blogs I hope they remember the five wishes with which Jennings and Aaron Pallas left us:

5.) Education Policy Based on Averages, not Outliers
4.) Better Alignment of Accountability Systems to School Outcomes
3.) Asking More "Why?" Questions
2.) The End of Proficiency Only Accountability Systems
1.) Taking Kids' Out of School Time Seriously

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