Friday, February 27, 2009

Today's Random Thoughts

-The undergrads I'm teaching have found my blog. Which might mean I have to watch what I say -- or might mean that I'll be hiding the answers to the next pop quiz on here.

-I've asked before what happens when all punishments fail, and D.C. seems to be grappling with the same question right now. It seems that plentiful suspensions aren't doing much at many schools. Their solution? "More conversation, less confrontation"

-Aaron Pallas points out some shortcomings of the Mathematica Alt-Cert study. If for no other reason, check it out to read the little illustrative tale (made up, but still funny) at the beginning.

-Spring break has begun, which means I'll finally have time to catch up on all those blog posts I've been meaning to write. Keep your eyes peeled.

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