Friday, February 20, 2009

211th Carnival of Education

Sorry for being a day late and a dollar short -- I neglected to realize that I had 45 papers to grade the same day I was supposed to be putting this together. Nonetheless, welcome to the 211th Carnival of Education -- we have posts on all sorts of things.

We, of course, have the stars of the show: those attractions that all the kids flock to first.

Diana presents A Measure of Privacy posted at The Core Knowledge Blog. skoolboy discusses "creaming" and charter schools in Toward a New Definition of Creaming posted at GothamSchools. And Jason Flom explores all sorts of things in Learning Curve posted at Ecology of Education.

This being a carnival of education, we have plenty of educational attractions set up in different subjects.


Jose presents Recourse To Love [The Love Below Series] posted at The Jose Vilson, talking a little bit about his kids, domestic violence, and what love may really mean. Joanne Jacobs presents Should I let kids fail? posted at Joanne Jacobs. Nancy Flanagan presents Standards Finale: Good, Bad, but not Evil posted at Teacher in a Strange Land, saying, "Please--tell me why we should invest millions in the creation of national standards? Because we can?"


Greg presents Obama Education Secretary Condoned Systemic Child Abuse As Chicago School Head posted at Rhymes With Right. Kelly presents Stories from School: Practice meets Policy: Yes We Can posted at Stories from School: Practice meets Policy. Piotr Stepien presents Be Mass Media Free posted at we overstep, saying, "Stop addiction to news, television shows and any low level mass media."


Greg Laden presents Darwin's Birthday Gallup Poll on "Belief in Evolution" posted at Greg Laden's Blog. Liam Goldrick presents Then and Now posted at The Education Optimists. Bill Ferriter discusses the disappearance of creativity from the classroom in Creativity is Dead, Ken. . . posted at The Tempered Radical.

Carnivals are supposed to be fun, and there's no shortage of lighthearted posts out there.

Carol Richtsmeier wins the funniest post award for her ruminations on trying to hold everything together in her post YB Disasters, Smackdown Meltdown & Goat Heads posted at Bellringers. Speaking of dealing with stress from school, Steve Spangler has an interesting video embedded in his post Potato Gun Wars - Teachers Relieving Stress or Just Having Fun? posted at Steve Spangler's Blog. Larry Ferlazzo discusses some games to help make school fun for the kiddies as well in his post The Best Online Games Students Can Play In Private Virtual “Rooms” | Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... posted at Larry Ferlazzo's Websites Of The Day For Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL.

Any time you gather together a bunch of teachers, you'll always get plenty of advice:

Clix presents On Not Writing posted at Epic Adventures Are Often Uncomfortable. Rani presents How to write a personal letter- Advocacy posted at Rayray's writing, saying, "Do you need to write an advocacy letter and don't know how, then read on."jim presents Free College Money: The FAFSA on Blueprint for Financial Prosperity posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity. Relax presents 5 good reasons why you should buy a lot of books posted at The Wise Curve, saying, "Most of my monthly spending goes to books. Before you say that I’m crazy, please let me share with you why we should buy a lot of books." OnlineCollege presents Is Online Graduate School Right for You? posted at Online Graduate School. Marcus Smith presents Will You Please Shut Up?? (How to Handle Distractions and Hecklers) posted at Berlin shows you how to make make quick, disposable playthings using your computer in Printable Toys For Young Children posted at Craft Stew. Mathew Needleman presents How to Explicitly Teach a Strategy posted at Open Court Blog. Rich Bordner offers advice from his students on classroom management in Classroom Management: not for the Faint of Heart posted at The Pugnacious Irishman.

And, as at any good carnival, you have plenty of people who are off on their own trying to invent the next corndog. See if you think any of them are on to something.

oldandrew presents Why Sir Alan Steer Should Stick his Stupid Lying Report up his Arse posted at Scenes From The Battleground.

Jim McGuire presents A Don't Care T-shirt posted at The Reading Workshop.

Dan Callahan presents Bad, evil, naughty law!, about the proposed ban on cell phones, posted at geek.teacher.

michael mazenko presents Who's Educated? posted at A Teacher's View.

Pregnant Woman presents Identical Triplets - Three Bundles Of Joy posted at Pregnancy.

SwitchedOnMom presents MCPS Stimulus Package?for Tutors posted at The "More" Child.

Mary Ann Zehr presents A GED Just Isn't as Good posted at Learning the Language.

Kim discusses trying to decide on public vs. private schools in My Public School Interview posted at Kim's Play Place.

Darren presents Teacher Fired For Spending A Quarter At School posted at Right on the Left Coast: Views From a Conservative Teacher.

rightwingprof presents Horse Sense For Educators posted at Right Wing Nation.

John Holland presents Besharov and Call: Fact and Fiction posted at Inside Pre-K.

Mister Teacher presents Off task, with love posted at Learn Me Good.

Lightly Seasoned presents Let's Predict the Future, Shall We? posted at Lightly Seasoned.

And what would a carnvial be without a little self-promotion? If you've managed to stick around this long, you're just the person I'm looking for. I recently started two new features here at Thoughts on Education Policy and I need your help. Have some crazy, illuminating, stories from your teaching days? Submit your best war stories to be featured in Tales from the Trenches. Have something meaningful to say and nowhere to say it? Submit your thoughts to Sunday Commentary.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of education using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


Diana Senechal said...

Thank you for including my piece in the carnival, and thank you for the honored spot!

I expect to submit something soon to Thoughts on Education Policy. "Soon" may mean "within the next month," but I doubt I'll stretch it more than that.

Anonymous said...

Great collection of blog posts. Well organized. Thanks for hosting.

Nancy Flanagan said...

Hey Corey, thanks for hosting the Carnival, in this week of Carnivale. And thanks for the link to Teacher in a Strange Land. I'm still thinking about incentivizing--more later.


Unknown said...

You have a great blog! Thanks for mentioning us in your Carnival post! I think you should win the award for filling one post so chock-full of information!! The "Teachers Relieving Stress" video was taken at our three-day Science in the Rockies teacher training. ( See if you can count the smiles on all 200 faces!!!

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