Monday, February 9, 2009

Today's Random Thoughts

-I'm catching up with the backlog of blog posts in my Google Reader, and noticed that Kevin Carey seems to agree with much of what I wrote in yesterday's Sunday Commentary.

-I also noticed that some people at Fordham sure seem upset that education funding isn't being cut to the same extent as are other areas (one example). I can't quite figure this one out. Shouldn't we cut spending on education less than we do in many areas? Isn't education more important than many other functions of government?

-I haven't yet decided whether Michelle Rhee is toning down her rhetoric or simply clarifying earlier positions in this interesting piece in the Washington Post (more on this later).

-EdWeek hosted a rather boring (in my opinion) chat about performance pay, the transcript is here. It might've been more interesting had they answered my question (boy these grapes are sour).

-Also related to performance pay, a report just out on what to do with "the other 69%" of teachers who don't teach subjects/grade levels that are tested under NCLB.

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