Friday, August 7, 2009

ASA Day 1

I'm here in beautiful (and wonderfully cool, compared to Nashville) San Francisco for the 104th annual meetings of the American Sociological Association. Over the next few days I'll be reporting back on some of the things I find most interesting.

We started today with a conference just for the sociology of education folks, which was quite interesting -- both in the good and the bad sense of the word. More on the latter in the next post.

As for the good parts, I met lots of interesting people -- including fellow education blogger Sara Goldrick-Rab -- and heard lots of interesting speeches and ideas. If you're planning on hosting a get-together at the San Francisco Hilton you should be aware that they charge $42 for a box lunches with turkey sandwiches and $99 per gallon of coffee. In other news, I'm now planning on starting my own conference hotel.

Seriously though, if anybody else is at ASA please come introduce yourself. I'll be at most of the education sessions wearing colorful, and somewhat wrinkled, dress shirts. Also, a reminder that I'm looking for people to contribute Sunday Commentaries (which I'll resume next week) to publish on this site.

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